Prof Damian Grimshaw

Damian Grimshaw is Professor of Employment Studies at the University of Manchester and Director of EWERC, the European Work and Employment Research Centre. His research interests cover pay and employment trends in the UK and comparisons with other OECD countries. Specialist themes include internal labour markets (covering job security, skill development and career progression practices within organizations), human resource management and organizational networks (eg. public private partnerships and IT outsourcing), labour market inequalities (especially low wage work, women's employment and the gender pay gap) and country comparisons of minimum wage systems. His research has been funded by various international and UK-based organisations. Examples of some of the 16 research grants he has won in the last ten years as either the principal or as a co-applicant include: OECD (1996-97) 'The concentration of women’s employment and relative pay'; Low Pay Commission (2002) 'Qualitative responses of small firms to the National Minimum Wage'; Anglo-German Foundation (2002-03) 'High tech business services and organisational forms in Germany and the UK'; Russell Sage Foundation (2005-07) 'Low wage work in Europe'; Equal Opportunities Commission (2006) 'The undervaluation of women's work'; ILO (2007-08) 'Minimum wages in an enlarged Europe'; European Commission (2009-2010) 'Minimum wage systems and changing industrial relations in Europe'. He has published 5 books, more than 40 journal articles and more than 30 book chapters.