Invitation to an Expert Seminar: Innovation Policies: What works?

Governments around the world have implemented a wide range of policies to encourage innovation and stimulate economic growth. Yet the hard evidence about what works (and where and why), is often limited and always widely dispersed. In partnership with the Nesta, the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) is creating a compendium of existing evidence on the effectiveness of a range of innovation policy tools, based on comprehensive literature reviews.

The third in the compendium seminar series, this event will focus on the evidence for effectiveness relating to four types of policy interventions intended to drive innovation:

  • Direct financial support for innovation
  • Improving access to capital for innovation
  • Entrepreneurship schemes
  • Innovation management
  • support and advisory services

review of the literature in each area will be presented for discussion and debate.

Reports to be presented will be uploaded about a week before the seminar. This event is aimed at academics and policymakers at all levels who wish to ensure that future policies to support innovation are based on a broad evidence base. There is no charge to participate. Previous reports are available in the project website.

To register for this event, please click here

Date: Tuesday 28th September
Time: 11:00 - 13:00 (registration will open at 10:30)
Venue: 10.08, Harold Hankins Building, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research,Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

ESF / STOA conference on "Science of Innovation"

Prof. Jakob Edler introduces the Compendium of Evidence on Innovation Policy Project in a speech on Evidence-based innovation policy? Merits, limits and challenges of policy analysis" to be given to the ESF / STOA conference on "Science of Innovation", February 28 2011.

The Compendium of Evidence on the Effectiveness of Innovation Policy Intervention is launched at a workshop organised in London on 30th of January, 2012.

The Compendium of Evidence on the Effectiveness of Innovation Policy Intervention is launched at an expert seminar organised on 30th of January, 2012 at NESTA's London Office. Stakeholders including policy makers from across the UK government, innovation policy scholars and representatives from non-governmental organisations attended the expert seminar titled "Innovation policy: What works?" More information can be found at the NESTA website.

Workshop documents/presentations:

First batch of 4 reports are available to download and browse.

The compendium is organised around 20 topics of innovation policy categorised primarily according to their policy objectives. Currently the following reports are available:

  • Fiscal Incentives for R&D
  • The Impact of Regulation on Innovation
  • Support Measures for Exploiting Intellectual Property
  • Training and Skills to Improve Innovation Capabilities in Firms

To download or browse these reports, please go to the compendium section.